Contentious Divorces Destroy your Life

Program Overview

Concepts One and Two:

"I Will Not Fail my Children"


"Divorce Doesn't End your Relationship, it Merely Changes it"

Concepts Three and Four:

"You are your Children's Parent, even when it's not your day ... and so is your Ex"


"Your Divorce is not your Children's Fault"

Concept Five:

"You Must be a Superhero for your Children"

Concept Six-Eight:

"Nothing is Free in this World"


"You Harvest What you Plant"


"You Must Love your Children More Then you Hate your Ex"

Rules One and Two:

1) "Never Make Negative Comments About your Ex to Your Kids"

2) "Never Make Comments About your Ex to your Friends"

Rules Three-Five:

3) "Be Cautious About your Use of Social Media"

4) "Find a Confidant"

5) "Be Positive About your Ex in the Community and Encourage your Friends to Support Him or Her"

Rule Six:

6) "Establish a Communication Protocol for Conflicts"

Rules Seven and Eight:

7) Include your Ex in the Decision About Introducing your Kids

8) Never Let Your New Significant Other Play the Role of Parent to Your Children

Rules Nine and Ten:

9) Have a Common Household Rules

10) Never Bring your New Significant Other to Games or Events for the Kids

Rule Eleven:

11) Make it Clear to Your Family that they're Still your Ex's Family

Rules Twelve and Thirteen:

12) Never Lie to your Ex

13) If you're Getting Money from your Ex, Show Appreciation; If you're Paying Money to your Ex, Don't Dwell on it

Rules Fourteen-Sixteen:

14) Live Close to your Ex

15) Your Kids Stuff is Their Stuff Regardless of Where they Are

16) Control your Lawyer

Rule Seventeen:

17) Do a Fair Deal with your Ex

Rule Eighteen:

18) Apologize

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